On the podcast this week, I shared with you three ways that you can adjust or Grow from setbacks.
I share with you three things you can do if we’re having setbacks. And most of us are having setbacks in our life with corona virus. You know there is a lot of people out of work, things we don’t understand or are afraid of.
But now is not the time to slumber now’s not a time to be afraid. Now is the time to maybe look at things a little bit differently. So here are three ways that we can do to grow from having setbacks,
1 Ask yourself what have you learned from this situation and just write make out a list and write some things down things you’ve learned from your setbacks.
2 You can ask Do you need a course correction, maybe you’ve set some goals, maybe you haven’t. And maybe you want to create new goals. So now is the time to ask Do I need a course correction on what I’m trying to achieve in this world.
3 You can look through the things that you wrote down about what you have learned and maybe the things you need to do for course correction. See if you have any fear around that. And if you have fear around those goals, or around those actions you need to take, then you need to put that fear under your feet and kill it.

Do not be afraid. I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast.