In this week I share some things you can do you improve your life in 2021.

This week is about becoming Vulnerable and finding healing and life

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My Life Platform Podcast with Mark Delaney

The My Life Platform Podcast is all about winning at life and leaving a legacy. Hear from purpose and family expert, Mark Delaney, as well as experienced guests as we discuss developing a proper perspective on life, marriage, parenting, and more. This isn’t a podcast about unfounded theories or empty, shallow “make you feel good” talk. It’s about real purpose for your real life. You will leave encouraged and empowered to win at life and leave a legacy.

This week in the podcast I talk about taking Tending Your Garden

You know a lot of times we forget that our mind is like a garden.
We forget to tend and take care of our thoughts were thinking about.
We forget to weed the garden out of the stuff that tries to come in and at the same time we are afraid to grow new things in our garden. We’re are afraid to look at things differently and so sometimes we have to give plants opportunities to grow when they don’t look good so all these are analogies for things that we think about and focus on in our minds.

I hope these insights on how we deal with things to help us change our way of thinking.

This week in the podcast I talk about taking action to produce clarity.

Taking small steps will create clarity by either going in the wrong direction if you can realize this is not right.

Each step can and will move us to our goals most of life we need to figure things out not everything will work for us as it has for others we need to adapt their steps if we are following someone else’s steps and tweak them to fit ours.

Most of us forget to enjoy the journey and embrace who we are and find the answers within.

sometimes like I share in the podcast we have to step out of our comfort zone to live and thrive.

You are made to Thrive.

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Do you ever feel like you just are not making progress or you know you are in the wrong place mentally?

sometimes we need to reboot so this week I talk about that.

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So this week I talk about a growth mindset and A fixed mindset
this week I’ve been thinking about how there are two different types of people in this article they really define and bring to life with the right words to help me share my thoughts and my beliefs.
Also, I got some knowledge and information from these websites.

The Miracle Morning

This week I discuss my thought of this book and how it can help our lives.

Hal Elrod coined the acronym “SAVERS” to help us remember each aspect of the ideal morning routine. Do a few of these already?

  • Silence/Meditation
  • Affirmation
  • Visualizations
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Scribing

My suggestion for you would be to try to wake up 30 minutes earlier and do all of the SAVERS for 5 minutes each. As you become more comfortable waking up earlier and you begin to want to spend more time in your miracle morning,  Customize it to fit you and your taste. Right now I am spending

  • Silence – 5 min
  • Affirmations – 5 min
  • Visualization – 5 min
  • Exercise – 20-min
  • Reading – 20-min
  • Writing – 5 min



This week on the podcast I talked about how actions are important. But our words bring life but the action we take is what molds the words into life. Words without action will not create results if you want results anything you do you have to take.
If we’re not careful in taking action then we can start having wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is that just that it’s a wish.
But when we want and desire, have a passion for things, then we create plans whether we realize it or not to bring them to life.
whether it is planting a garden, building a birdhouse, whether it is cleaning your house how about buying a new car all of those things have plans and actionable items.
Often times we fail for lack of plans but sometimes we fail for lack of action or taking the wrong action.

I believe we should take action on what brings us peace and joy for the level where we are at, maybe some of us are not ready for the same level of action others are taking. But that does not mean that we should not take any action so let us level up and take action and take pride in our words.

This week on level yourself up.

I released a new episode of the podcast episode 65.  I was going to initially take a one-month hiatus, and it ends up, I took a little longer than that. I’ve been trying to get my health lined out, I’ve been doing a lot of walking. And this podcast I talk a little bit about that some of the changes coming to the podcast. Some of the ways I would like to interact with my community and to build a larger community where we could interact with one another,

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So this episode is after taking a sabbatical for one month.
Now I only plan to take a couple of weeks off just to regroup and rethink where I want to take this podcast and my business.
And life can throw us a curveball so I talk about why it’s been a month versus two weeks and how the power of having good habits have gotten me through kind of a rough month.
and the power of having good habits and how habits can keep us on course and how it is easier to get back on track by having good habits.