This week on the podcast I talked about how actions are important. But our words bring life but the action we take is what molds the words into life. Words without action will not create results if you want results anything you do you have to take.
If we’re not careful in taking action then we can start having wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is that just that it’s a wish.
But when we want and desire, have a passion for things, then we create plans whether we realize it or not to bring them to life.
whether it is planting a garden, building a birdhouse, whether it is cleaning your house how about buying a new car all of those things have plans and actionable items.
Often times we fail for lack of plans but sometimes we fail for lack of action or taking the wrong action.

I believe we should take action on what brings us peace and joy for the level where we are at, maybe some of us are not ready for the same level of action others are taking. But that does not mean that we should not take any action so let us level up and take action and take pride in our words.