This week on level yourself up.

I released a new episode of the podcast episode 65.  I was going to initially take a one-month hiatus, and it ends up, I took a little longer than that. I’ve been trying to get my health lined out, I’ve been doing a lot of walking. And this podcast I talk a little bit about that some of the changes coming to the podcast. Some of the ways I would like to interact with my community and to build a larger community where we could interact with one another,

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I also just launched a YouTube channel for some of the Technology things that I do. Click here for that link. And if you have any suggestions about the videos that you’d like to see, please let me know.

Also, I just want to reach out if people need help, staying in contact virtually with friends and family. Be sure to email me at I’d love to be able to help you at this time.